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Mystery Book Challenge

100 different books, by 100 different authors!

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Mr.E Buff challange?

The challenge is to read 100 Mysteries. The challenge is to read a different author for each one!


1) When posting about your current book make sure to make a warning cut if you spoiler.
2) Each book must have a different author and must come from the Mystery section.
(Romance Mysteries do not count)
3) Each person must post their current title and # book to get proper credit.This helps so that others may hear what you thought of the author and get ideas on who they may wish to read next.
4) Sharing your opinion about a book should never cross over into flaming someone for their choice in reading material. We all have our own tastes.
5) This place is about reading mysteries not about being a book critic, if you dislike a book say so but please refrain from overdoing it.